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Maryland Classroom: Training That Makes Teachers “The Experts in the Room”

Shaun Downey, Technology Education Teacher, Chesapeake High School, Baltimore County, MD

Shaun Downey Chesapeake High

Shaun Downey, Technology Education Teacher, Chesapeake High School

I have taken two Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses at UMBC—Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering.

I found the entire experience to be exciting—the interaction with other teachers, the networking with other teachers, the building and testing of projects and the feeling of accomplishment when you completed the program.

I was able to learn the entire curriculum inside and out, build the projects that the students would have to build and experience the same difficulties they would face in the classroom. It provided the new learning that you would need to make sure the projects work for the students.

I brought back new teaching techniques, ideas and implementation methods to have a successful school year for me and the students.  PLTW training provided me with examples for the students with pictures and video presentation of projects and more background information for the students related to the projects.

PLTW trainings provide teachers with experiences that make them the expert in the room. PLTW trainings provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to brainstorm, problem solve, evaluate and provide feedback to their students for real world learning.