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Maryland Classroom: ‘Project Lead the Way’ Enriches Teacher Training

By Brian S. Bruneau, Technology Education Chair, Dulaney High School, Baltimore County, MD


Brian S. Bruneau, Technology Education Chair, Dulaney High School, Baltimore County, MD

I attended training many years ago when Dulaney High School first adopted Project Lead the Way.  It was well crafted and extremely pertinent to the courses we were going to teach.  In two weeks, they taught us almost everything we needed to know to conduct a year of training in that course!

It was very refreshing to attend training that not only provided a wealth of information but was extremely challenging!  There was no wasted time or filler material.  It was intense, hard studying for two weeks!

Probably the most important takeaway was conducting a project using groups not located in the same physical location. That was one of my favorite projects.