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Announcement: Maryland Center for School Safety Subcabinet Advisory Board to Meet on Nov. 5

Maryland Center for School Safety Subcabinet Advisory Board
November 5, 2018

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
100 Community Place
Side B Conference Room
Crownsville, MD


1. Welcome of the School Safety Subcabinet Advisory Board
• Opening Comments Dr. George Arlotto
• Declaration of Quorum
• Additions to the Agenda (If needed)

2. Approval of September 17, 2018 Minutes

3. MCSS Updates
• Staffing update and introductions – Edward Clarke
• Tip Line – Edward Clarke
• Upcoming Deadlines of Center and Subcabinet – Dawn O’Croinin
• Grants – J. Dino Pignataro
o Safe Schools Fund Grants;
o Hate Crimes Grants;
o Safety Evaluations Grants
4. After School Hours Protocols and Response – Dr. Arlotto/Edward Clarke
• Group Break Out Session
a. After school / evening weekend activities
b. Student / Staff / Visitor / Spectator Safety
• Reporting Back to Full Group

5. Wrap-Up – Chair, Dr. George Arlotto
• Agenda Items for Next Meeting
• Announcement of Future Meetings Through June 2019
• Adjournment

Please be advised that the Advisory Board may move into a closed session, if needed, pursuant to Maryland Code, § 3-305 of the General Provisions Article.