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Maryland to Conduct Damage Assessments with FEMA in Areas Impacted by Flooding

Howard, Baltimore Counties, Baltimore City to Work Jointly with MEMA

 REISTERSTOWN, Md. (May 30, 2018) — MEMA and FEMA will conduct joint preliminary damage assessments with Howard County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City beginning tomorrow, May 31, 2018, following the heavy rainfall, severe storms, and flooding that occurred this past weekend.

The joint preliminary damage assessments do not guarantee financial assistance, but, they are a key component of the recovery process.

“Our administration is committed to helping those impacted by the recent devastating floods recover as quickly as possible,” said Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. “I have directed the Maryland Emergency Management Agency to work closely with regional representatives from FEMA to seek all available assistance to support our public safety partners and our citizens who were affected as they work to rebuild.”

Federal assistance could potentially be made available through the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.

Yesterday, Maryland announced that state agencies are actively supporting the Howard County Disaster Assistance Center to provide support to affected residents, especially those in and around Ellicott City. Additionally, beginning today, the Maryland Insurance Agency and the Maryland Department of Human Services are supporting an assistance open house being held by the City of Baltimore. Both the Howard County Disaster Assistance Center and Baltimore City’s Open House will help provide a one-stop resource center so affected residents and businesses can access local and state resources as they continue recovering from the floods. The Maryland Emergency Management Agency is coordinating state support.

“Maryland has experienced multiple, recent flood emergencies throughout our state,” said MEMA executive director Russ Strickland. “Earlier in May, Frederick and Washington counties were severely flooded. Ellicott City in Howard County and areas of Baltimore County and the City of Baltimore had devastating flooding this past weekend. We will work with all our stakeholders within the Maryland Emergency Management System and our partners in the Federal Government to identify, coordinate, and provide support to those affected.”

Our social media specialists will be monitoring the situation and will also be posting updated information as it becomes available. You can follow MEMA on Twitter @MDMEMA or on Facebook at

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