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Update: BGE Suspends Service Disconnections for Nonpayment and Waives New Late Payment Fees through at Least June 1

original post from BGE on April 16, 2020, see here

BGE Suspends Service Disconnections for Nonpayment and Waives New Late Payment Fees through at Least June 1, Extending Moratorium in Place to Support Customers During Pandemic

Moratorium and other proactive efforts are part of BGE’s commitment to ensuring customers have safe and reliable energy service that is especially vital in these challenging times

BALTIMORE (April 16, 2020) – BGE is extending its moratorium on service disconnections for nonpayment and is waiving new late payment fees through at least June 1, 2020—one month beyond the original moratorium announced on March 13—as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an unprecedented impact on central Maryland. As officials across the country, including Maryland, have enacted stay-at-home or similar orders to ensure public safety, BGE recognizes many customers need to work from home and participate in online learning, making safe and reliable electricity even more critical than usual. Customers whose electric service was disconnected prior to the moratorium should contact BGE to have service restored to help ensure access to safe and healthy environments.

“As this global health crisis continues to evolve, customers are relying on BGE more than ever before to provide the safe, reliable gas and electric service essential to powering their everyday lives and the life-saving services in their community,” said Carim Khouzami, CEO of BGE. “That’s why it’s extremely important for customers who are experiencing financial challenges to contact BGE as soon as possible to discuss their payment options, beyond the new June 1 moratorium extension. We are standing by to work with customers to ensure they have their energy needs met during this challenging time.”

Businesses and residents who have had their electric service disconnected should contact BGE at 800-685-0123 to begin the reconnection process. As part of this process, BGE customer care representatives will work with customers to help identify assistance programs that can supplement bill payment and can help ensure service remains on after this pandemic.

BGE is committed to the safety of its customers, employees, and contractors. Communities can be assured that BGE crews will not restore service in unsafe situations. The company will work with agencies, where possible, to identify support to help correct these safety issues before service can be reconnected.

BGE offers payment options, such as flexible payment arrangements including individually tailored payment installment plans. Budget Billing, which averages payments out over a 12-month period, also helps customers manage their monthly energy bill.

Customers may also register for My Account, a web-based interactive tool that provides them with a detailed analysis of their specific energy use and offers ways to save money and energy. Visit or BGE’s free mobile app to learn more about these programs.

BGE customers can apply for energy assistance through the Maryland Department of Human Services, by contacting a Local Energy Assistance Office, or by contacting the Office of Home Energy Programs. Download our Community Resource Guide for a complete list of resources.

For customers who are looking for a way to support friends, family, or others in need, BGE’s Gift of Energy program offers the chance to contribute to their energy bill. The Gift of Energy appears on a future bill as a credit to the recipient’s account. Donors have the option of sharing their name with the recipient or making their gift anonymously. Visit to give a gift.

As a provider of the critical infrastructure that powers hospitals and health care facilities, federal, state and local response centers, and the millions of homes and businesses where people live and work, BGE recognizes its foundational role in crisis response plans for the communities it serves. BGE employees and contractors continue to carry out important work, appropriately modified to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines including but not limited to appropriate personal protective equipment and social distancing practices, to ensure safe and reliable energy. The federal government has designated the energy sector as a critical function and utility employees are recognized as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. BGE coordinates with designated state and local emergency preparedness and health officials, and at the federal level through the Electric Subsector Coordinating Council.

BGE joined with Exelon and Constellation to donate $1 million to Maryland relief organizations including the United Way of Central Maryland, the Maryland Food Bank, and the Baltimore Community Foundation to support their efforts to provide essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is part of a more than $5 million donation by Exelon Corporation and its family of companies nationwide to relief organizations to support communities impacted by the spread of the coronavirus.