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Maryland Department of Emergency Management

Governor Moore Signs Executive Order to Enhance Government Coordination Ahead of Emergencies

Published: 11/20/2023

ANNAPOLIS, MD — In a groundbreaking move to promote the safety and well-being of Maryland residents and visitors, Governor Wes Moore today signed an executive order establishing a State of Preparedness. This important initiative will enhance the state’s ability to respond swiftly and effectively to potential hazards and threats in advance of an actual disaster.

“The safety and security of our residents is our top priority, and this executive order empowers us to act proactively in the face of potential threats,” said Gov. Moore. “By declaring a State of Preparedness ahead of potential impacts, we can ensure that our state government is well-prepared to respond rapidly and effectively while providing the necessary resources to protect our communities.”

Under the new executive order, a State of Preparedness may be declared by the governor when there is heightened risk of disruption to the lives of Marylanders. The order directs the Department of Emergency Management to coordinate the comprehensive preparation of state government ahead of potential impacts from hazards or threats, providing a vital layer of protection for Marylanders without necessitating a State of Emergency.

The new order recognizes the importance of preparedness, early coordination, and proactive protection, providing the capacity to act decisively without declaring a full State of Emergency. As part of a phased approach, the order provides more flexibility to respond proportionally to level of risk, helps ensure that resources are efficiently managed, and promotes preparedness is a top priority even in the absence of a full State of Emergency to mobilize resources and support more efficiently.

“The State of Preparedness executive order underscores our commitment to safeguarding the people of Maryland,” said Maryland Department of Emergency Management Secretary Russ Strickland. “During a State of Preparedness, emergency management will establish a common operating picture and coordinate resource management efforts, ensuring that we are well-prepared for any potential impact.”

When a State of Preparedness is declared, it is imperative for Maryland residents and visitors to stay informed through trusted local and state government communications and news sources and to follow the recommended preparedness actions.

For more information about the Maryland Department of Emergency Management and the Maryland Emergency Management System, please visit: You can also visit to learn more about hazards that affect Maryland and sign up for text alerts.