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WJZ: Maryland Launches Targeted Wastewater Sampling For COVID-19

Gov. Larry Hogan announced a statewide initiative Thursday to sample wastewater as an early warning system of a COVID-19 outbreak in vulnerable communities. As part of Maryland’s COVID-19 Sewer Sentinel Initiative, the governor has approved funding of $1 million to sample wastewater for the virus that causes COVID-19 in ...Read More

Capital Gazette: Maryland highway administration hopes to exchange education for credits toward stormwater permit in new pilot

The Maryland Department of Transportation maintains thousands of miles of roadway in the state — thousands of miles of land covered in pavement that rain water can’t filter through. Instead it runs off the roads picking up pollutants along the way, gaining speed and heat in the summer and ...Read More

WJZ: Nutrient Removal Project At Patapsco Wastewater Plant Designed To Improve Chesapeake Bay’s Health Complete

For decades, officials have kept a close eye on the Chesapeake Bay as a number of cleanup efforts were underway. Tuesday, one of the largest projects officially wrapped up. After years of construction, the Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant’s enhanced nutrient removal project (ENR) is now complete. “Over the last ...Read More

Chesapeake Bay Magazine: New Fish Consumption Warning Signs at Some Md. Waterways

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is sending a clear message about the safety of some Baltimore County waterways, providing the county with new metal signs to alert people about fish consumption advisories. . . . Currently there are consumption advisories in more than seven waterways including the ...Read More

Baltimore Sun op-ed by Sec. Grumbles: “Hogan administration is committed to confronting the climate crisis’”

The amazing 16-year old Greta Thunberg inspired tens of thousands of us participating in the recent UN Climate Week in New York City. While the effects of climate change are growing more severe, and the need for action is more urgent than ever before, there is some good and ...Read More

WJZ: Chesapeake Bay’s Health At Risk After Trump Issues Executive Order Relaxing Clean Water Rules

CONOWINGO, Md. (WJZ) — Before the Susquehanna River enters the Chesapeake Bay, the Conowingo Dam churns electric power from it. It’s the kind of energy that falls under federal regulations. With an executive order, President Trump is ordering states not to get in the way of energy infrastructure, by ...Read More

WBAL: State Officials Tout Progress In Reducing Road Salt Use

As Maryland deals with snow, all that road salt has to go somewhere. State environmental officials are working to mitigate the impact on rivers, streams and groundwater. Maryland Department of the Environment officials said Friday they’ve been working with state and local agencies on best practices for salt application, ...Read More

Capital Gazette: Pasadena monitor finds low sulfur dioxide levels near Wagner plant

After the quality of the air they were breathing was cast into doubt by contradicting reports from federal and state scientists, Pasadena residents can breathe easy again… Read the entire article.

Baltimore Sun: Maryland, eight other states and D.C. agree to work to curb transportation emissions

“Maryland has joined in forming a coalition of nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia that plans to impose regional limits on carbon emissions from cars, trucks, buses and other transportation modes. The goal of the landmark agreement, announced Tuesday, is to create “a regional low-carbon ...Read More

Baltimore Sun: Air quality study over Chesapeake Bay seeks to understand pollution

The sky above Hart-Miller Island became a busy laboratory for several weeks this summer as researchers launched balloons, drones and planes to better understand the complex swirl of air pollution over the Chesapeake Bay. State and federal agencies initiated a research study aimed at providing more detailed data on ...Read More