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eMDE: Secretary’s Blog, new air quality forecasting system, and more

New Tools for Environmental Justice, MDE Documents One thing that really caught my eye after being appointed MDE Secretary in June by Governor Hogan was all the recent progress we have made in serving overburdened communities throughout the state thanks to our Maryland Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable ...Read More

eMDE – Ben’s Blog: 2021 – A Year Like No Other; radon awareness and more

2021: A Year Like No Other Covid, Climate, and Chesapeake Bay dominated much of 2021, with environmental equity, infrastructure, and resiliency themes running through each and connecting all, just like our digital IT progress at MDE COVID-19 has been a wild, evolving and painful roller-coaster ride. In 2021, MDE ...Read More

eMDE – Ben’s Blog: COP26; stormwater permits; lead awareness; PFAS; and more

    Maryland and Other State Programs Highlighted at Glasgow Global Summit I had the honor of representing Maryland, the Hogan Administration, and MDE at the annual global summit on climate change, known as COP26 (Conference of the Parties for the 26th year) in Glasgow, Scotland, November 7-10. What ...Read More

Ben’s Blog: The Ocean Within Us; Green Registry awards and more

THE OCEAN WITHIN US June is World Oceans Month, a time to commemorate and rededicate to protecting the deep and salty blue that covers 70% of the earth’s surface. Rachel Carson’s “The Sea Around Us” (1951) had a big impact on me when I read it for the first time in 1993. ...Read More

Ben’s Blog: A big day for climate progress; green purchasing

A BIG DAY FOR CLIMATE PROGRESS I will always remember February 19, 2021, as a day for climate hope, globally and locally. Not only was it the day the United States re-entered the historic Paris Climate Accord but also the day the Maryland Department of the Environment submitted its ...Read More

eMDE – Ben’s Blog: 2020 year in review

2020 – THE YEAR IN REVIEW COVID, Climate, and Chesapeake dominated this historic and traumatic year of 2020 for us at the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) in nearly all respects, literally, figuratively, and virtually (digitally speaking). The COVID-19 crisis hurt our employees, families, and communities but also ...Read More

eMDE: An Eastern Shore Home to Environmental Justice

THE LATEST FROM THE MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT An Eastern Shore Home to Environmental Justice When University of Maryland Anthropology Research Professor Barbara Paca looks at the tiny, Talbot County waterfront town of Oxford, she sees the Eastern Shore’s most prominent nexus between environmental justice and climate change ...Read More

eMDE – Coronavirus Testing All

  THE LATEST FROM THE MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT Coronavirus Testing All Each person, family, and community is being “tested” in how we respond to and cope with the COVID-19 crisis. The same is true for entire organizations, like MDE, the Maryland Department of the Environment. Our 950-person ...Read More

eMDE – A Green 2019 in Review

  THE LATEST FROM THE MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT A Green 2019 in Review Our state witnessed steady progress on the environmental front in 2019, with key milestones and initiatives to protect and restore the health and well-being of all Marylanders. Highlights included regional environmental collaborations for global ...Read More

eMDE – Autumn Glory

THE LATEST FROM THE MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT Autumn Glory October delivered not only brilliant colors — see Garrett County, home of the annual Autumn Glory Festival — but also significant initiatives for the environment in Maryland and its neighboring states, far and wide. The month began with ...Read More