Capital Gazette: Our say – Gov. Larry Hogan, Attorney General Brian Frosh know where wind is blowing

In a perfect world, state officials wouldn’t have to go to court to make the federal government — specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency — enforce the law and get power plants in upwind states to control emissions. The EPA shouldn’t need such prompting.

But this is a less-than-perfect world and Marylanders have to breathe in it. So, a six-month response period having come and gone with no peep from the EPA, Gov. Larry Hogan was right in directing state Attorney General Brian Frosh to sue the federal agency. The complaint filed in U.S. District Court contends the EPA hasn’t upheld the “good neighbor” provisions of the Clean Air Act, as it hasn’t forced 36 power plant units in five other states to use the air-cleaning technology already required in Maryland….

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