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Cost-Share Grants for Spring Manure Transport and Injection Available

ANNAPOLIS, MD (March 5, 2024)The Maryland Department of Agriculture is reminding farmers they may apply for cost-share funding to help cover the cost of transporting all types of manure to crop fields with acceptable soil phosphorus levels. Grants are also available to offset the cost of injecting liquid manure into soil to prevent nutrient runoff and reduce odors. 

Program highlights include: 

  • Transporting poultry manure to qualifying fields with acceptable soil phosphorus levels or alternative use projects that can safely utilize the product; farmers  may receive up to $28/ton. 
  • Cost-share grants are available to transport dairy and livestock manure to qualifying fields, covering up to 87.5% of eligible costs. 
  • FastTrack and standard transport options are available for both poultry and dairy or livestock manure. 
  • Farmers may receive up to $45/acre for costs associated with injecting liquid manure into the soil. Please note, poultry manure is not eligible for this option due to its low moisture content.  

FastTrack (haul now, apply later) applications for poultry and dairy or livestock manure are available for download from the Farmers who do not qualify for FastTrack are encouraged to contact their local soil conservation district to apply for standard grants, which require pre-approval before manure is transported or injected. 

Farmers who are planning to transport dairy or livestock manure this spring and summer are advised that all projects must be completed by September 9. Claims for payment should be submitted to the department’s Conservation Grants Office by October 9.

The department’s Conservation Grants Program administers manure transport and injection grants. To apply for these grants, farmers must be in good standing with the program and in compliance with Maryland’s nutrient management regulations. 

To find manure, please download the LTTR app or contact a poultry manure broker. For more information, please contact the department’s Manure Management Program at 410-841-5864.


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