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Department Announces Updates to Invasive Plant Regulations

New species added to tier lists, ‘Tier 2’ requirement for landscapers

ANNAPOLIS, MD – A Notice of Final Action for the Maryland Invasive Plant Regulations was published in the Maryland Register on Friday, February 3. These regulations went into effect February 13.

The updated regulations add a total of four new species to the Tier 1 and Tier 2 lists established by the original invasive plant regulations (April 2016). Additionally, the updated regulations establish that any business providing landscape services, that plant or supply a Tier 2 listed plant, must provide a full list of Tier 2 species to the customer requesting the service.

Tier 1 additions – effective Feb. 14, 2018

  • Euonymus fortunei, a.k.a. wintercreeper
  • Lonicera maackii, a.k.a. Amur honeysuckle

Tier 2 additions – effective May 14, 2017

  • Cytisus scoparius¸ a.k.a. Scotch broom
  • Nandina domestica, a.k.a. heavenly bamboo

Weed risk assessments are ongoing, and additional plant species will be added to the lists through the regulatory process as they are completed and approved. These science-based assessments are the foundation for decisions regarding a plant’s invasive status in the state. Full assessment reports are available on the program’s website.

Invasive plant regulations are a vital part of the department’s mission to prevent invasive species from entering or spreading further in the state.


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