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MDA Secretary Visits St. Michaels Elementary School  

Students congratulated on agricultural project  

St. Michaels, MD (June 10, 2022) – Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) Secretary Joe Bartenfelder visited St. Michaels Elementary School on June 9 to recognize and thank 3rd and 4th grade students on their work throughout the year learning about Maryland produce, specifically strawberries.  

While speaking with students, Secretary Bartenfelder, a lifelong farmer and strawberry grower, discussed the history of the fruit in Maryland, what it takes to grow a good berry, and shared tips on what the students can do next season to ensure a bountiful harvest.  He also encouraged the students to enjoy all the produce that Maryland has to offer.  

“There is nothing like fresh Maryland produce,” said Secretary Baretenfelder. “Each season brings its own unique fruits and vegetables. As the strawberry season comes to an end, you can be certain there is another delicious summer crop to follow.” 

Secretary Baretenfelder ended his remarks with a presentation of a quart of fresh hand picked strawberries.  

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