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    2022 Training Update: School Resource Officers (SROs) and School Security Employees (SSEs)

    Image of a classroom with a text box to the right of the image saying School Resource Officer (SRO) and School Security Employee (SSE) Training. 2022 Revision.

    2022 SRO/SSE Training is in Session

    MCSS staff, along with state and local subject matter experts, are once again in the classroom providing training to the dedicated individuals serving as SROs and SSEs throughout the State. In 2021, MCSS began the work of updating our model SRO and SSE training. The goal of the updates was to expand the program with new and much-needed modules in order to provide deeper training. Working closely with our local and state subject matter experts (SMEs), MCSS expanded training modules on De-escalation, Disability and Diversity Awareness, Implicit Bias, and Restorative Approaches.

    MCSS Training Jim Hott teaching a new module of the 2022 SRO training.

    Additionally, we added six new models to the training program including:

    • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Dangers of Devices
    • Normative Adolescent Behaviors
    • Understanding Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

    The additions and changes will be built into a professional development class that will be made available to previously trained SROs and SSEs.

    Subject Matter Experts Supporting 2022 SRO Training

    MCSS appreciates all the SMEs dedicated to ensuring that the training provided to our Maryland SROs and SSEs is comprehensive and specific to their unique and important roles in our Maryland schools. 

    Fact Sheet: MCSS 2022 SRO/SSE Training Updates

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    Questions about MCSS training efforts may be sent to

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