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    Engaging Students Change our Maryland Schools

    Written by Emelia Crown, MCSS SFG member

    Each one of our three committees at Maryland Center for School Safety Student Focus Group are incredibly important, but today we focus on our Engagement and Outreach Committee. In the beginning months of our 2021-2022 SFG year, we each volunteered to be in committees complimenting our different interests. For the students on the Engagement and Outreach Committee, they are dedicated to the continuation and progress of MCSS with Maryland schools. The students on this committee initiate important conversations with each other, and continue the work of creating safe environments in our schools here in Maryland. They complete the tasks of conversing with schools in our state, by directly calling the principles or emailing school populations as a whole. 

    I reached out to Abigail Giroux, Committee Chair of the Engagement and Outreach Committee, to ask her about the group’s accomplishments.  Abigail responded with, “One of our biggest initiatives is our seasonal emails to public schools across Maryland. The Counties have agreed to send out these seasonal emails. The goal for these emails was to share information about MCSS programs along with other resources to keep our schools safer.” The response was very impressive, considering some of the public schools we have in Maryland have student populations of 3,200 (Montgomery County Public Schools), and her group received a response. 

    We are excited to see where the future takes this group, and are proud of their work for further implementation of safety in schools.

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