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    2021 Conference: Michael Meiser Presents “Incorporating Student ID Badges Into Safety, Security, and Beyond”

    Conference speaker Michael Meiser smiling for the camera.

    Michael Meiser will demonstrate how student ID badges can be incorporated into everyday student life and beyond. Charles County Public Schools has implemented a robust student ID badge program that allows students to use their ID badges for signing in late and leaving early, purchasing their meals, Interacting with the media center, and tracking students at reunification sites. Future plans for use include daily classroom attendance and scanning students on an off buses. As a safety and security measure, this proactive badge program also allows students to be identified as on-campus students or possible trespassers. The ID badge program goes beyond the school walls. Through community collaboration CCPS has partnered with local businesses to allow students to obtain student discounts at local businesses when they present their student ID badges. Charles County Public Schools is one of the only schools in the region with such a vibrant student ID badge program. Learn about successes and road blocks this program has experienced and see how you can incorporate such a program into your school or system.

    Michael Meiser has worked and served in Charles County Public Schools for twenty-six years.  Mr. Meiser is a former Executive MASSP Board Member and a former MPSSAA Board of Control Member. He has his Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Education from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and Master’s Degree in School Administration and Supervision from Bowie State University.  After teaching and coaching in the classroom for ten years, Mr. Meiser became a Middle School Vice Principal at Benjamin Stoddert.  Upon a transfer to Thomas Stone High School as, Vice Principal he was named Principal at Thomas Stone High School and later served as Principal at Westlake High School.  While in this position, his schools were recognized as National, State and Local Schools of Character.  Mr. Meiser was also trained and recognized as a Certified AVID trainer, as result he has traveled across the country as an AVID trainer of Principals.  Mr. Meiser served as Director of Adult Education helping adults obtain their GED and career goals.  After 25 years in the schools, Mr. Meiser has now taken on a more global approach to the school system as he is currently working with the Office of Safety and Security as well as Students Services working as School Safety and Residency Administrator.  In this role, Mr. Meiser is works collaboratively to sustain a safe learning and work environment for over 27,000 student and nearly 4,000 staff members.  He works collaboratively with all schools and Central Office of to manage the Residency Investigations, Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation Data, School Change Request Process and Title IV Grant, as well as Home Schooling within CCPS.  Mr. Meiser serves on the Charles County All-Hazard Incident Management Team.  During the recent COVID pandemic, Mr. Meiser worked with the Charles County Emergency Operations Center as a liaison for CCPS.  Mr. Meiser continued to provide daily COVID reports to the stakeholders, keeping them informed of data, trends and key information.  Mr. Meiser was part of the CCPS Reopening of Schools Work Group leads the COVID Contact Tracing efforts of students within CCPS.  Mr. Meiser has spearheaded the student ID badge program with CCPS and has met many of the obstacles along the way and turned them into success. 

    Education Administrators, Teachers, School Psychologists/Guidance Counselors, School Resource Officers (SROs), Law Enforcement, Local/State Emergency Managers, Fusion Center Analysts, Crisis Intervention Units, Counselors & Mental Health Specialists, School Social Workers, School Safety Professionals, and other school safety stakeholders interested in attending Michael Meiser’s presentation should register for the July 2021 MCSS School Safety Summer Conference at

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