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    The Many Responsibilities of a Maryland SRO

    Maryland’s Safe to Learn Act of 2018 mandates either the assignment of a School Resource Officer (SRO) or adequate law enforcement coverage for each individual school within each of Maryland’s twenty-four local school systems. It is the decision of each local school system to determine how they will fulfill this mandate. 

    Being an SRO is a challenging and rewarding job because an SRO fulfills four distinct roles within a school community: the Role of Educator, the Role of Emergency Manager, the Role of Informal Counselor, and the Role of Law Enforcement.

    In order to prepare them to always be at their very best, the Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS) provides SROs and school security employees in Maryland instruction in our intensive and holistic five-day SRO training curriculum. As a result, SROs in Maryland are some of the most dynamic and engaged school safety personnel in the country. 

    While MCSS regularly trains and provides professional development for SROs across the state, this doesn’t mean there aren’t differences between SROs programs from county to county. Most local school systems provide valuable information about the contours of their SRO programs. For those that do, we’ve assembled direct links to the relevant information you may be looking for in order to learn more about SROs working in schools near you. 

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