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    MCSS Expert Featured on School Safety Podcast

    Michael Rudinski of MCSS

    Our very own Mike Rudinski was a featured guest this month on the School Safety Insider Podcast with Ken Trump.

    Mike is a school safety specialist in the training and evaluation section of MCSS. In addition to being a subject matter expert in school based policing, de-escalation, and implicit bias among many other areas, Mike is a trainer at heart and a retired sergeant and school resource officer. He is enthusiastic about educating diverse audiences about the role of the SRO in Maryland schools.

    In the podcast Mike shares:

    • what it’s really like to be an SRO at a large public school
    • that – just like all professionals – SROs are real people who are not always perfect
    • how important relationship-building is to the success of an SRO and the development of a safe school community
    • personal stories about how he became an SRO and his time as an SRO
    • why he works hard to educate both SROs and school administrators about spatial empathy and and creating synergies between their professional cultures for the benefit of all students
    • details about the role and work of MCSS and the goals of Maryland’s Safe to Learn Act of 2018

    Listen to the full podcast below.

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