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Public Safety veteran has a passion for young mothers

TOWSON, MD — As a veteran of many years at Public Safety helping crime victims through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Robyn Christian loves to help people.

It’s not just a 9-5 passion.

After she clocks out, Christian heads to her second job, one helping young mothers and mothers-to-be who may lack the support they need to successfully finish  school or trade programs.

Robyn, who has two adult children, has been a foster mother to no fewer than 14 young mothers and 16 children over seven years. After having foster children who aged out of the system taken directly from her home to shelters with their babies, Christian realized that there was a gap in services for young women right at the age when they are trying to complete their education.

So she founded Anetrice House, a registered non-profit organization that will house single mothers 18-25 who need extra support as they raise their children and finish their education. The women will participate in programs including budgeting and time management classes.

In October, Anetrice House, in Northwest Baltimore will hold its first golf classic to help raise funds.

You can find more information at