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Baltimore Ravens recognize Public Safety officer

TOWSON, MD — Public Safety Employees do great things because they are dedicated to their careers, their coworkers, and their communities.

Sometimes, however, the recognition can be pretty sweet.

William Hawkins works with Canine Partners for Life at the Maryland Correctional Institution, Women. Through the program, offenders train dogs to become service partners to help increase the independence and quality of life for those with physical, developmental, or cognitive disabilities.

Sgt. Hawkins was awarded theĀ Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Award for his dedication to this program.

The award recognizes volunteers who exemplify dedication, leadership and commitment to improving the communities in which they live

Along with the recognition came two Ravens tickets, a free team jersey labeled “Sgt. Hawkins,” a trophy, halftime field recognition, and a grant in his name of $3,500 to Canine Partners for Life to help ensure the program continues to thrive.

We’re always happy to see good people being recognized for their good deeds. And we’re always proud when they’re our people! Thank you Sgt. Hawkins, and congratulations!