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Public Safety Volunteers: Aquanetta Anderson

TOWSON, MD — At Public Safety, one the goals we share with all state agencies is changing Maryland for the better. We do that by keeping Maryland safe, but also by helping out in our communities.

Aquanetta Anderson thinks her drive to help out her neighbors was inherited. “I enjoy helping others in my spare time,” she says. “I believe I inherited this trait from my dad.”

She works with different organizations providing hot meals and clothing for homeless Marylanders. She volunteers at the Maryland Food Bank, both in the kitchen packaging cooked food and on the conveyer line, packing boxes of donated food.

And she collects trash in various communities. Making her impact all the broader? “I have taken my grandson and nephew [pictured] at times to show them the effects of throwing trash on the ground instead of in trash cans.”

Thank you Aquanetta — for your 22 years of service to Public Safety and your commitment to your neighbors.

And thanks all of our employees who work day and night, on and off the clock, to make this life safe, clean, and comfortable for all of its residents.