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Former probationer credits “angel” agent for turning his life around

Pictured with Agent Wiggins (center): Field Supervisor Nadine Outlaw-Moore; Field Supervisor Renee Diggs; Agent Morgan Wiggins; Regional Administrator Walter Nolley; Field Supervisor Doug McClure; Director Joe Clocker

TOWSON, MD — Veteran Parole and Probation Agent Morgan Wiggins believes in treating everyone with dignity, and helping everyone to succeed.

This spring, her efforts have been recognized in a most amazing way: an offender she supervised sent a two-page letter to Parole and Probation headquarters. praising Agent Wiggins and all that she did to assist him.

The letter writer now works a good job in Baltimore City. His letter reads in part:

I am here to say that (my turnaround) would not be possible without the help of an angel sent by…God disguised as Agent Morgan Wiggins.

My probation has been effectively terminated by the judge.

Four years ago, when I first walked into Agent Wiggins’s office, I told her of my plan to become a better man and take things to the next level…How I was going to become a professional and finish college so I can provide a better life for my family.

Agent Wiggins has been helpful and supportive every step of the way. Her continuous words of encouragement helped me…when I needed it the most.

I couldn’t have asked for a better agent to assist me in my journey. I have blossomed into a respectable, upstanding member of society.

Agent Wiggins has changed my life. I am indebted to Agent Wiggins. Please express to her my deep appreciation.

Earlier this week, Parole and Probation Director Joe Clocker, Central Regional Administrator Walter Nolley, and Agent Wiggins’s supervisors surprised her with a visit, and a copy of the letter.

Hats off to this outstanding Parole and Probation agent! And hats off too all of the agents and Drinking Driver Program monitors who care enough to help turn offenders’ lives around.