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Praise for Public Safety reentry Symposium

TOWSON, MD — Public Safety and its Division of Parole and Probation hosted the 2017 Reentry Practitioners Symposium in Sykesville last week, and participants were grateful for the opportunity to network and learn new practices designed to ease the transition from prison or supervision back into society.

Participants from dozens of agencies whose mission is to help ex-offenders reenter society more smoothly came to the Public Safety Education and Training Center, where they heard Public Safety experts and others discuss innovative reentry practices and legal and advocacy issues surrounding reentry.

Public Safety personnel played a particularly important role in the workshops that fell under the “Living Under Supervision” category. Parole and Probation, Division of Correction, Sex Offender Registry, and Maryland Parole Commission facilitators explained the basics of supervision, the management of sex offenders, and issues surrounding female offenders.

Parole and Probation Director Joe Clocker, Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation Secretary Kelly Schulz, and Mary Sloat from the Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Employment Development greeted participants. The keynote speaker was Christopher Ervin, founder of The Lazarus Rite, a non-profit that serves returning citizens in Baltimore.

Special plaudits go to organizers Marsha Briley from Parole and Probation and Gerald Grimes from the Baltimore Mayor’s Office reentry center, and to our partners with the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.