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Public Safety veteran focuses on stick-up men — and men with sticks


TOWSON, MD — In his “day job,” Public Safety veteran Phil Rossetti faces plenty of stress. As a key intel officer assigned to work with Baltimore County law enforcement, Phil, who’s a longtime Parole and Probation/Public Safety Intelligence Division stalwart, plays a critical role in identifying repeat offenders and reducing violence and recidivism.

But after work, Phil turns his attention from stick-up men to men with sticks—and he’s won an award for his work. This month, Rossetti was named Coach of the Year in Baltimore County, where his Perry Hall High School boys lacrosse team engineered a remarkable turnaround, finishing 5-2 in league play after a difficult 2015 season.

“I was determined,” Rossetti says, “to show the county that Perry Hall lacrosse would be back, to put Perry Hall lacrosse back on the map.”

Named at the last minute to return to his alma mater, Rossetti guided the boys to a remarkable turnaround season. It included wins over teams the Perry Hall seniors had never beaten in their three prior years, and a win over Dulaney, a team Perry Hall hadn’t beaten in twenty one years.

Highly regarded by his Public Safety colleagues and supervisor, Rossetti is equally valued by players, parents, and school leaders.

“The most special thing for me about coaching,” he says, “is being able to help young men not only succeed on the field, but also show them how important it is to succeed in the classroom and prepare them for life outside of athletics.  I always said that the game of lacrosse taught me more about life than any classroom.”