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The impact of crime — 41 years later


TOWSON – Robin Woolford, who was shot in the neck during a robbery 41 years ago, spoke to inmates at Jessup Correctional Institution about the lifelong impact of crime.

Mr. Woolford, whose parents had been told the night of the shooting that he would likely not survive, showed offenders videos of the grueling eight-hour physical therapy sessions that he still must do weekly just to keep walking—four decades after his wounding. He also wore shorts to let the inmates see the medical devices that help him walk.

The special guest was asked to come in by the JCI Lifers Group as part of its annual Victim Awareness Conference.  Sgt. Sonji Lynn, theVolunteer Activity Coordinator, and Chaplain Lewis Peterson facilitated the group.

“Some inmates think they’re the victims,” said one inmate. “But we created victims. We need to be accountable for our actions and help victims in any way we can.”