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Home detention walk-off notification

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Towson, MD — Offender Craig Wilkins, who was on home detention, failed to return to his residence at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016 as required after an appointment with his case manager and nurse. Officers searched the area of the residence on the 6900 block of Marsue Drive in Baltimore, Maryland, and could not locate Wilkins, who was deemed a walk-off. All necessary authorities have been notified.

Name:                          Craig Wilkins

Institution:                  Home Detention

Offense/Sentence:     Theft/1 year, 6 months

Last seen:                   2100 Guilford Ave., Baltimore

Sex/Race:                   Male/black

Height/Weight:          6′ 5″/220 pounds

Age:                            47

Hair Color:                 Black

Eye Color:                  Brown

Last Known Residence: 6900 block of Marsue Drive, Baltimore