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DPSCS launching pilot program to improve Community Supervision

TOWSON — The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) is launching a pilot program to improve community supervision.

In four Community Supervision  offices, each agent will work with cases at one risk level only. For example, an agent might have only “High risk” parolees and probationers, instead of a handful of High risk individuals, some Moderate risk, and some Low risk. Community Supervision agents are required to make contact with each of their supervisees, and the frequency differs by risk level. By allowing agents to focus exclusively on cases at a specific risk level, theywill be more in tune to their cases’ reporting requirements.

These risk-level specific caseloads are already being used at select CS offices; the new pilot will look at outcomes in the four new offices to help determine best practices before possibly expanding further.

StateStat evaluates DPSCS’ Community Supervision programs at biweekly DPSCS Stat meetings and will work with the Department to evaluate the impact of the pilot.