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DPSCS begins removing offenders from sex offender registry after June Court of Appeals Ruling

Department Continues to Review Additional Registered Sex Offenders

Move is in Compliance with Recent Court Ruling

  – The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) has begun the process of removing 866 Maryland offenders from the state’s Sex Offender Registry (SOR) and is reviewing additional sex offenders registered for offenses that occurred prior to 1995 to determine whether these must also be removed.

The review is in compliance with a recent ruling by the Maryland Court of Appeals that retroactive sex offender registration of those who committed crimes prior to the Oct. 1, 1995 creation of the registry violates the Maryland Constitution.

Before identifying offenders for removal, the department is checking their criminal histories against state and national databases to ensure that they have not committed any subsequent sex offenses that would require them to register.

In the qualifying cases where the offender’s registry requirement is removed, and his or her name will be removed from the SOR, the offender’s sex offense conviction will remain on his or her criminal record; will be visible to all law enforcement; and will be available to fingerprint-supported background checks.

Prior to removing offenders from the registry, the department is notifying all law enforcement officials in the relevant jurisdictions and local State’s Attorneys’ offices so that victim notification can be completed.

If the offender is under DPSCS supervision for any reason, the offender’s parole and probation agent will be alerted that the offender has been removed from the registry.

Offenders removed from the SOR will receive letters from DPSCS confirming their removal.

Access a copy of the Court of Appeals’ ruling at

PSCS Communications Office Contacts:

Mark Vernarelli ~ 410-339-5065 ~



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