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Pet Shop Cited for Illegal Snake

Natural Resources Police Also Nab Turtle Peddlers 

Photo of snake confiscated by policeA Frederick pet store received a citation after a Natural Resources Police investigator found it was attempting to sell a prohibited snake.

Rick’s Fish and Pets was listing a scarlet snake for sale at its shop in the 1000 block of West Patrick Street. Though not venomous or endangered, the rare species cannot be possessed without a special permit. Commercial sale of the species is illegal.

A hearing date is yet to be scheduled in Frederick County District Court. The maximum fine is $1,500. The investigators seized the snake pending the outcome of the trial.

Photo of small turtlesTwo Philadelphia men are scheduled to appear in Queen Anne’s District Court on July 17 on charges that they attempted to sell undersized turtles to customers in a shopping center parking lot.

Acting on a complaint, officers stopped Sean Iadrees Henderson, 27, and Carlos DeSantos Harris, 44, in the parking lot of the Queenstown Premium Outlets on May 5. Henderson was carrying two small cages with a small turtle in each one. When asked what he was doing, Henderson said he was just passing through. Witnesses said Harris approached them with his sales pitch.

The men acknowledged that they bought the red-eared sliders in New York City’s Chinatown neighborhood and sold them along the East Coast. Queenstown was their final stop. Officers seized 15 turtles, all under four inches in size, and took them to the Maryland Reptile Conservation Center, a nonprofit conservation and rehabilitation center in Montgomery County.

If found guilty, each man faces a maximum fine of $1,500.

Officers on late-night patrol in Kent Narrows charged two Prince George’s County men with multiple counts of illegal fishing.

Shortly after midnight on May 13, officers saw men fishing from the Kent Narrows drawbridge. They watched one man spring from one end of the bridge to the other. As they got closer, the officers noticed a backpack leaning against the drawbridge and found eight undersized striped bass inside.

German Rodrigo Robles-Zelaya, 20, of Riverdale, and Adrian Bonilla Salamanca, 27, of Lanham, must appear in court on charges of taking striped bass from a prohibited area and keeping undersized striped bass. They received additional citations for exceeding the daily catch limit and fishing outside legal hours.

They are scheduled to appear in Queen Anne’s District Court on July 19. If found guilty of all four violations, each man could be fined a maximum of $4,000.