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An Affordable Solution for Homebuyers with Student Loan Debt

Burdened with student debt? Don’t despair; you are certainly not alone. Nationally, 44 million people have student loan debt, totaling nearly $1.5 trillion dollars — easily surpassing the total of credit card debt, according to the website Student Loan Hero. In Maryland, the average amount of student debt is more than $27,000. Fifty-four percent of  Read the Rest…

Secretary Holt: Creating Affordable Rental Housing Across the State is a Win for Maryland Families

Annapolis, MD – Creating affordable rental housing opportunities across the state creates jobs and stimulates the economy while providing quality, energy-efficient homes for families, senior citizens and individuals with special needs, said Secretary Kenneth C. Holt during remarks at the 2016 Maryland Housing Day event. The secretary said programs such as Rental Housing Works provide invaluable financial resources  Read the Rest…