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Department of Housing and Community Development

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Launches New Maryland Broadband Hub

NEW CARROLLTON, MD – The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development today announced the launch of the Office of Statewide Broadband’s new Maryland Broadband Hub. The online Hub provides access to mapping viewers and links resources for Maryland residents and broadband providers to learn about how Maryland is analyzing data and existing broadband service to plan for increased service and broadband expansion, as required by Maryland Senate Bill 66.

“As we continue to work toward our goal of connecting all Marylanders to broadband before 2030, the Maryland Broadband Hub will be key to tracking our progress in the home stretch,” said Secretary Jake Day. “Additionally, this transparent resource will allow local communities to identify locations with the most need to ensure our resources are leaving no one behind.”

The Hub includes three main components—the Maryland Broadband Explorer, the Data Collection Compare Tool, and a Grant Awards Dashboard—as well as additional resources and frequently asked questions for Marylanders to better understand the State’s plans to close the digital divide. As of February 2024, 98% of Marylanders have access to broadband internet.

The Maryland Broadband Explorer allows viewers to see broadband availability in Maryland and search broadband service at specific addresses. Each census block is populated with the name of the internet service provider and the type of service at the location. 

The Data Collection Tool compares data from the Maryland Broadband Explorer and the Federal Communications Commission’s National Broadband Map. The Maryland Broadband Explorer collects only wireline data, which includes cable and fiber, and the National Broadband Map includes both wireline and wireless data, which is from mobile and satellite service.

The Grant Awards Dashboard shows where the Office of Statewide Broadband is or has supported broadband expansion efforts across the state, as well as detailed information on grants awarded and the progress of awarded projects.

All three of these tools were developed in collaboration with the Maryland Broadband Cooperative, the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC) and Maryland broadband providers, who submitted served addresses. These addresses were mapped to a geographic location, which were then aggregated to 2020 U.S. Census Blocks.

The Maryland Office of Statewide Broadband strives to ensure every Marylander has access to broadband services. To help accomplish this goal, the State partners with the private sector and local jurisdictions to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the number of communities and residents that are unserved by current internet infrastructure.

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