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Department of Housing and Community Development


WALKTOBER is back! Walktober is an opportunity to spotlight trails in Maryland that allow pedestrians to learn and participate in walking. The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) and other Maryland agencies have provided funding to support some amazing trails throughout the state. For the month of October, we will share some fun trails that you or your family can take advantage of simply by walking. This week, St Michaels Bridge we are focusing on a trail located in St. Michaels, Maryland, called St. Michaels Nature Trail. 

St. Michaels Nature Trail was originally built in the 17th century on the Anglican Church land. The Anglican Church named the trail after the town, St. Michaels, and was rebuilt in 2010. This beautiful nature trail is located in Talbot County and the path starts on Bradley Park off Railroad Avenue. St Michaels trail is paved with black asphalt which makes it wheelchair accessible and provides a smooth walk or run. The trail is about 1.3 miles, which can take approximately 30-45 mins to walk. The trail’s path passes through a bridge that is over the San Domingo Tidal Creek, which is a popular place for people to go fishing. The path also passes a horse farm and cemetery before ending across Bay Hundred Swimming Pool Center. 

View of San Domingo Tidal Creek

St. Michaels has many beautiful sites and activities and is designated as one of the state’s Sustainable Communities, a program administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development’s Neighborhood Revitalization Division to support holistic strategies for community development, revitalization and sustainability. The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Neighborhood Revitalization created the Sustainable Communities Program to offer multiple resources for local governments to promote a better environment, develop an economical approach for the community and to bring people together socially in existing older communities. The sustainability designation was awarded to St. Michaels in 2010, which ultimately allows it an opportunity to develop a better community for all. Visit St. Michaels Nature Trail to check out the map view and more in St. Michaels.