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7 Steps to Purchasing Your Home

Don’t get lost on the path to homeownership. Here are the 7 steps that can get you there. The Maryland Mortgage Program will help guide the way.


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Step 1:  Homebuyer Education

Take a Homebuyer Education class to learn about the process and get the required certificate.


Step 2: Lender Pre-Approval

Find a lender and get pre-approved to determine what you can afford.

Get referred to a top MMP loan officer here:

If you prefer, you can reach out directly to a lender from the approved list:


Step 3: Get a Realtor

A realtor will help you with finding homes that best fit your needs.

You can locate agents in your area by visiting the Maryland REALTORS® homebuyer website at

Step 4: Submitting an Offer

Once you find the perfect house, it’s time to put an offer in. Your realtor will be able to guide you on what a competitive offer is, as well as any other contingencies the offer will rely on (home inspection, financing, etc.)



Step 5: Loan Application and Lock

Your loan officer will help you identify which Maryland Mortgage Program loan is best for you and lock in that low interest rate. They will guide you through other required steps, such as home inspection, appraisal, etc. The underwriting team will review your updated employment and credit information to make sure you qualify for a loan.

Step 6: Maryland Mortgage Program Review

The lender will submit your loan package to the Maryland Mortgage Program team to make sure it is in compliance with state requirements. After this approval is received, your lender will schedule closing. 


Step 7: Closing

Congratulations, you’ve done it! Once you sign the paperwork you will receive the keys to your new home.


The Maryland Mortgage Program has been the state’s flagship homeownership program for more than 40 years. Under the Hogan administration, the Maryland Mortgage Program has provided over $4.1 billion in mortgages to more than 18,900 Marylanders and eliminated more than $17.4 million in student debt for first-time homebuyers. For more information, visit


The Maryland Mortgage Program has developed a Homebuyer’s Guide to help you, wherever you are in the homebuying process.

Download the MMP Homebuyer’s Guide (English | Spanis​h​)​.​