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Department of Housing and Community Development



Our new  blog series this month is highlighting 45 years of success for the Weatherization Assistance Program. Each week we feature the many benefits of energy efficient homes to help reduce total residential energy expenses and improve overall health and safety. The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development maintains the program for Maryland’s residents and informs them of these  life-changing opportunities. Last week we discussed the program’s energy efficiency benefits that can help low-income families. 

This week we are focusing on the health benefits and extensive care that allows low-income families to take advantage of our Weatherization Assistance Program. The key role in making homes more livable is making sure the home is healthy inside and out. The Weatherization Assistance Program has led to significant health benefits such as residents needing  fewer hospitalizations and ER visits. The annual out of pocket expenses decrease by an average of $514. This program has helped reduce 65% of hospital visits for asthma patients. Additionally, it has helped decrease sinus infections, colds, allergies, and hypertension. Finally, the program has caused a 48% reduction in the number of days residents reported poor mental health. 

The extensive care benefit, also called the Weatherization Plus Health, is an integrated service allowing residents to ask for the removal of lead, any pest control, mold mitigation and more. More information is available on the Plus Health Program website. The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development is committed to helping our residents and their families save money and stay  healthy  in the community. To find out more information, and if you are an eligible applicant, visit our Weatherization Assistance Program website.

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