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A New Canvas for Baltimore: Restoration Gardens 2 Will Provide Haven for Homeless Youth

The developer of Maryland’s first and only permanent housing facility for homeless youth will soon build another 42 units of supportive housing for some of Baltimore’s most vulnerable residents.

With the help of $400,000 from the department’s FY17 Project C.O.R.E. funds, Empire Homes Inc. will begin site preparations for Restoration Gardens 2, to be located on the 4200 block of York Road in the Pen Lucy neighborhood. These new apartments will support Restoration Gardens 1, a 43-unit facility catering to the same population that opened in the Park Heights neighborhood in 2010. In addition to the Project C.O.R.E. awards, the program is also funded by  $6,845,060 in Low Income Housing Tax Credits, a $188,335 Rental Housing Program Cash Flow loan, $250,000 from the Strategic Demolition Fund, and a $200,000 bond bill from the state.

When Restoration Gardens 1 was opened, the positive impact it had on the community was immediately clear. All rooms available were leased within three months of its opening. Soon after, a senior center in the area was renovated, and homeownership in the vicinity increased, along with maintenance of other nearby buildings. Restoration Gardens 2 is projected to have a similar positive effect, creating jobs during its construction and lowering the rate of homelessness and crime in the area. By providing supportive housing for a population in need, both the city and the youth living there are prepared for a better future.

“A New Canvas for Baltimore” is a regular series covering Project C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunities for Renewal and Enterprise). Project C.O.R.E. will clear the way for new green space, new affordable and mixed use housing, and new opportunities for small business owners in Baltimore City. The initiative will generate jobs, strengthen the partnership between the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland and lead to safer, healthier and more attractive communities. For more information on Project C.O.R.E., visit