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A New Canvas for Baltimore: Le Mondo Takes Center Stage in Downtown Baltimore

The arts are a vital part of any city’s cultural scene. Having a space for both budding and experienced artists to hone their craft is critical for many creators who may have limited access otherwise. Le Mondo in downtown Baltimore was selected as one of the 30 recipients of nearly $16 million in funding from the first round of FY17 Project C.O.R.E. funding.

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development has awarded Le Mondo $300,000 for the acquisition and renovation of the former Strand Theatre and Uniform City buildings, located on 404-406 N. Howard Street, and the renovation of 408-412 N. Howard. The department also awarded Le Mondo $75,000 of FY17 Community Legacy funding in October 2016.

Located in the Bromo arts district in downtown Baltimore’s west side, Le Mondo aims to give artists a space to create. In addition to their goal of establishing an around-the-clock arts district, the project’s creators want to give Baltimore’s artists access to permanently affordable and safe studio space, something that financial constraints often make difficult. Upon completion, the arts incubator will feature a cafe on its lower level, theater space, studios artists can both live and work in, and classroom space.

Le Mondo is expected to be completed in 2018. The art haven will be right at home in the Bromo district — an area that features other art spaces including the Current Gallery, the Maryland Art Place, and the Hippodrome. It has the potential to bring more art and theater lovers from all over to Baltimore, benefitting the entire city. As Baltimore’s revitalization continues, places like this will play an important role in building a more vibrant Baltimore.


“A New Canvas for Baltimore” is a regular series covering Project C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunities for Renewal and Enterprise). Project C.O.R.E. will clear the way for new green space, new affordable and mixed use housing, and new opportunities for small business owners in Baltimore City. The initiative will generate jobs, strengthen the partnership between the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland and lead to safer, healthier and more attractive communities. For more information on Project C.O.R.E., visit