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March Honoree

Alba Castillo, with Annapolis FOM, is a model employee. She is tasked with the unique job of keeping the State House clean and providing exceptional customer service to everyone in that very important building. She comes to work on time and does her job with a friendly attitude. The building supervisors and her colleagues consistently catch her working very hard and DGSing every day. Alba knows what needs to be done and always does it without being asked.

Her supervisors have never heard anyone complain about Alba’s work, but they certainly have received numerous compliments. A few folks on the Governor’s staff and the Senate staff have recognized Alba’s work, stating, “Alba always does the best job.”  Her co-workers like to brag about what a great job she does and especially how easy it is to get along with her.

The Annapolis FOM supervisors thought that Alba should be recognized for her extremely hard work and dedication to Doing Great Service!