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January 2020 Honorees

Clarence Felder, Chief of Schools in Facilities Planning, Design, Construction & Energy, was commended by an architect outside of DGS in a January 3 email to FPDCE Assistant Secretary Lauren Buckler:

“I just wanted to note that we met with Clarence Felder today to review the construction drawings for our project with Allegany College of Maryland and remark on how beneficial this meeting was to the project. Having DGS, the architects and the school representative together to review drawings and discuss the next step for bidding and procurement allowed us to address questions and be on the same page moving forward.  Clarence brought important insight and clarity to the process. The in-person meeting was very productive. It was a pleasure meeting with Clarence.”

Clarence has taken a personal interest in the projects that his unit oversees. He takes the time to get to know the clients and work directly on issues of importance where his knowledge and expertise in construction can add value. He has put a real face and real technical expertise to the Schools Design Review process at DGS. Clarence’s hard work is paying off and he is receiving recognition outside of DGS.

Lt. Matt Warehime has worked for the Maryland Capitol Police for over 14 years. He has worked patrol in both the Annapolis and Baltimore divisions and is now Assistant Commander of Support Services/ Commander of Technical Services. He is the agency’s chief firearms instructor, range master and armorer. He also manages procurement and purchasing for the agency on a daily basis.

As Commander of Technical Services, Lt. Warehime has been integral in the consolidation of the Annapolis and Baltimore dispatch centers. He has managed the procurement, upgrade and construction of the nearly-completed state of the art dispatch center in Annapolis. Never hesitant to get his hands dirty, Lt. Warehime can often be found helping run fiber cables and data lines to the new center to help meet deadlines and keep costs down.

His vision for the new, consolidated center will result in reduced staffing needs and overtime. When the project is completed, officers will be backed by the most up-to-date cameras and security measures available, allowing MCP to provide the safest environment possible for those we are sworn to protect.

Lt. Warehime is a self-starter and requires minimal supervision. He arrives at work each morning knowing what needs to be done and with a plan to get it accomplished. It is an honor to work alongside him every day!

Multi-Service Centers Team: Barb Bauman, Terry Wade, Tyler Kurtz, Michael Cain, Charles Clark, Larry Chriscoe, Shannan Collier, Brian Kramer, Mitchel LeQuire, Del Stallings, Bobby Vaughn and Nicole Leary

The new DGS Multi-Service Center in Catonsville is a 130,000 square foot building and 425-space garage that had to open on January 6 come what may — even with construction not fully completed! So Barb Bauman and a dozen of her multi-service centers team members dropped everything and worked like mad for days, preparing for the new tenants. Even as construction dust swirled around them and they had to clean and re-clean offices and courtrooms, they got everything organized.

The building was ready on opening day without disruption. All it took was massive amounts of work, lots of pizza, coffee and donuts, and a positive attitude. They showed the best of DGS and definitely got Caught DGSing!