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May Employee of the Month – Officer Yu-Wen Cheng

Maryland Capitol Police Officer Yu-Wen Cheng joined the Annapolis Detachment in 2016. In this brief period, he has proven to be an energetic and eager learner. Certified as a field training officer, he trains new police officers assigned to the Detachment. He has also obtained specialized training in the following:

  • Detection of improvised explosives
  • Officer safety and wellness
  • Police Intelligence
  • Patrol rifle
  • Taser

With his tenacious attitude and desire to assist, Ofc. Cheng has taken it upon himself to conduct research and develop intelligence information on criminal activity and on groups and individuals potentially seeking to disrupt our legislative process and peaceful demonstrations in Annapolis. Using social media and open sources, Ofc. Cheng developed numerous intelligence alerts to assist the Annapolis Detachment Command in planning for events and rallies. For his efforts, Ofc. Cheng was designated as the Annapolis Detachment Intelligence Officer.

His outstanding service in the capacity of Intel Officer was never more apparent than during the 2019 Legislative Session. Throughout the three-month session, Ofc. Cheng worked tirelessly to obtain intelligence information to support the Detachment’s operations. He regularly came in during off-duty hours to conduct research on any potential threats that could pose a risk to MCP officers, DGS facilities and our community. His assessments were invaluable and proved instrumental in ensuring a successful 2019 Session.