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July Employee of the Month – Security Officer Brenda Redding

Security Officer Brenda Redding has been a security officer with MCP’s Annapolis Detachment since July 2014. Her customer service skills are exemplary. She communicates effectively with everyone she meets, from senators and delegates to elementary school children visiting the State House.

S/O Redding not only performs her duties and responsibilities at an outstanding level, but she can also always be counted on to treat people with respect and professionalism. She takes customer service very seriously and makes sure people’s concerns or needs are addressed.

Always well-groomed and with brass polished, S/O Redding portrays the Department in a very positive light. She always has a smile on her face and speaks positively with words of encouragement. When additional duties are requested or overtime events occur, S/O Redding can be counted on. Without a doubt, she is among the top MCP employees.

S/O Redding no only represents MCP extraordinarily well on duty but also off duty. She has volunteered endless hours to make, serve and clean up after breakfast/dinner at the Lighthouse for the Homeless organization in Annapolis. She has encouraged and recruited many of her co-workers to volunteer as well.

The Light House relies on its volunteers to supply, cook and serve the residents breakfast and dinner every day of the year. Ms. Redding plans the meals, purchases all the ingredients – out of her own pocket – prepares and serves the meals, and makes sure any leftovers are properly stored. She can be found there most weekends, with co-workers and family members by her side, serving meals and spreading comfort. She is also a big supporter of the Maryland Charity Campaign, donating to several charities and encouraging others to donate.

S/O Redding is nominated for Caught DGS not only for her professional qualities, like commitment and a drive for excellence by being the best that she can be. She is also nominated for her personal qualities, like determination, cheerful optimism, empathy, and being an amazing role model – at work and for her family.