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Baltimore salutes veterans, past and present, with annual downtown celebration

November 12, 2012
Veterans and their Families were honored for their military service during an annual parade held in downtown Baltimore, Nov. 12. Read more

GUARDians in the Storm

October 30, 2012
Members from several Maryland Guard units are deployed to Crisfield Md., to assist local authorities with house-to-house evacuations on Oct. 30, 2012. The Servicemembers have been stationed in the area since Sunday performing 24-hour operations. Read more

Guardians in the storm: MDNG works across state with civilian authorities in response to Hurricane Sandy

October 28, 2012
The Maryland National Guard prepared to support its neighbors across the state, Oct. 28, as it prepositioned Soldiers, Airmen and equipment in advance of Hurricane Sandy’s anticipated landfall late Monday, Oct. 29. The weather phenomenon, called a “perfect storm” by some, was expected to combine a rare mixture of a tropical hurricane from the east and an early winter storm ... Read more

Maryland Air National Guard breaks ground on new facility

October 2, 2012
With a toss of dirt from a gilded shovel, the Maryland Air National Guard officially kicked-off the construction of the new wing headquarters, operations, medical and training facility, Oct. 2, at the Warfield Air National Guard Base in Middle River, Md. Read more

2012 Grand Prix of Baltimore: Win for National Guardsmen and women

September 2, 2012
Like a swarm of angry hornets, the buzz started in the distance, droning from somewhere just out of sight. A green flag fluttered along the empty raceway under a road-spanning Sunoco banner. Crowds pressed close to doubled chain-link fences, necks craning for a first glimpse, as music thumped and announcers hollered from the Fan Village next to Oriole Park. A ... Read more

Guardsmen, Royal Marines Recall 1812 War Dead at Caulk’s Field

August 31, 2012
Overshadowed by the larger, more dramatic confrontations at Washington, Fort McHenry and New Orleans, the Battle of Caulk’s Field, near the Eastern Shore municipality of Chestertown, was little remembered – until today. Read more

Estonian Air Force pilots deploy with Maryland National Guard

August 24, 2012
Pilots with the Estonian Air Force, who have been assigned to the Maryland National Guard for the past year, deployed from Weide Army Airfield in Edgewood, Md., Aug. 24. Read more

Maryland National Guard Trains Estonian Air Force Pilots for Deployment

August 24, 2012
Pilots with the Estonian Air Force have been training with the Maryland Army National Guard, learning to fly rotary wing aircraft and preparing for deployment with the unit. Read more

MD-HART conducts Operation: Real Deal

August 1, 2012
More than 50 members from the Maryland Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team conducted an all hazard helicopter and swift water rescue operation on Wednesday, Aug. 1, at several locations in Baltimore County. Read more

Md. Operation: Military Kids brings children of service members together

July 22, 2012
The Maryland Operation: Military Kids hosted its annual summer get-away camp for children with military parents at the Western Maryland 4-H Education Center in Swanton, Md., July 22-28. Read more