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Easton High School’s Culinary Program Achieves Exemplary Status

High School Recognized by American Culinary Federation

EASTON – The Career and Technology Education Culinary Program at Easton High School, Talbot County, is one of four secondary schools in the country to achieve exemplary status from the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC). Attaining the exemplary status designation means the program has been in full compliance of the ACFEF standards on two consecutive certification visits.
“The culinary program at Easton High is top notch,” said Pam Clay, Curriculum Supervisor for Career and Technology. “This honor would not be possible if it wasn’t for the hard work of the instructors, Linda Brown and Joseph Candel, as well as the culinary students. We are so proud of everyone who helped bring about this extraordinary accomplishment.”
The American Culinary Federation recently started recognizing secondary programs with the exemplary status recognition and Easton High School is one of the first in the country to be recognized. The certification team determined that the program had substantially met all eight required standards: Eligibility, Program Mission and Goals, Organization and Administration, Faculty and Staff, Curriculum, Facilities, Student Services, and Assessment.
“The program was first certified in 2009, and there have been two certification visits by ACF since then. We know that our culinary program at Easton High School has an eight-year track record of high quality and high standards. However, the longevity alone doesn’t tell the whole story,” said Kelly Griffith, Superintendent of Talbot County Schools, “We see the program impact the lives of our students. Many of them go to college and major in culinary arts as well as restaurant management. They are gaining real-world experience through applying their skills and knowledge from this program.”
Dr. Karen Salmon, State Superintendent of Schools added, “Having been the superintendent in Talbot County when the program first started, I can personally testify to its quality. Congratulations to Ms. Brown, Mr. Candel and all of the students.”
A special emblem reflecting this prestigious status will be placed next to the school’s name on the ACF website.
Maryland’s Career and Technology Education programs provide 10 career clusters for students, such as Consumer Services, Hospitality, and Tourism, which includes culinary arts.