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Maryland Emergency Management Agency

September is National Preparedness Month

Today is the start of National Preparedness Month. Throughout September, government agencies, business, community groups, schools, and families will be participating in events to help promote disaster preparedness and community resilience. These events across the state, many of which are open to the public, will be posted by the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) on our social media feeds and website. You can follow us @MDMEMA, on Facebook, and at our website


Did you know September is right in the middle of hurricane season? Now is a great time to check and see if you and your family are prepared for emergencies. The four building blocks of preparedness are: Be informed, Make a plan, Build a kit, and Get Involved. Discover disaster-specific information on our website, so you can be informed, make a plan for you and your family, build a kit for emergencies, and learn about ways to get involved. There is an interactive planning tool in the MARYLAND Prepares mobile app, which is available to download for free on both Android and Apple platforms. It is easy to complete, will be in your pocket at all times, and also includes real-time alerts for emergencies, weather, and traffic. 


Here’s another way to get involved: join us for our first town hall-style Twitter chat. On September 15 at 12:00pm EDT, we will be chatting live with our followers and friends on Twitter using the hashtag #MDPrepares. Feel free to add to the discussion or ask us your emergency preparedness questions.


We’ve seen the impact that major disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, can have on our state and country. Our preparedness efforts can help reduce the impact of these disasters, so remember, “Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare!” and by Marylanders becoming better prepared, you can help make Maryland resilient.

State Response Operations Plan (SROP)

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency is proud to present to you the approved second edition of the State Response Operations Plan (SROP), published to the public on July 22, 2014. The SROP is the core plan of the Response Mission of the Maryland Emergency Preparedness Program (MEPP). Its purpose is to describe the roles and responsibilities of Maryland entities during incident response and to define those actions to save lives, protect public health and safety, and protect property and the environment within the State of Maryland. 

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Nicole Lanigan, (

Please click on link for a copy of the SROP: “Maryland State Response Operations Plan”



State Disaster Recovery Operations Plan (SDROP)

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency is proud to present to you the approved final draft of the State Disaster Recovery Operations Plan (SDROP), which was published for public comment on June 30, 2014, and has been revised based on the comments received from stakeholders and the community. The SDROP is the core plan of the Recovery Mission of the Maryland Emergency Preparedness Program (MEPP). Its purpose is to describe the roles and responsibilities of entities within Maryland during disaster recovery operations, which focus on ensuring that the State is able to effectuate the timely restoration, strengthening, and revitalization of infrastructure, housing, and a sustainable economy, as well as the health, social, cultural, historical, and environmental fabric of communities impacted by a catastrophic incident.

If you have questions or comments about the SDROP, please contact Jennifer Ryan (, Elizabeth Webster (, or Chas Eby (


Please click on link for a copy of the SDROP:  “Maryland State Disaster Recovery Operations Plan (SDROP)”

The Maryland Preparedness Planning Certificate Program

As MEMA continues to offer original and innovative programs through its “Center for Preparedness Excellence,” a new professional development series called the Maryland Preparedness Planning Certificate Program (MPPCP) is now being offered as a pilot program.  The MPPCP is designed to provide planners with the skills and knowledge needed to conduct effective preparedness and emergency planning on the way to becoming a “Maryland Preparedness Planner.”  This Program will serve as a credentialing program for all planners in the State to help properly implement the Maryland Emergency Preparedness Program (MEPP).

The Maryland Preparedness Planning Certificate Program curriculum consists of a mix of instructor-led (classroom) and online training courses that have been carefully selected to strengthen the MEPP planning capability throughout Maryland.  The curriculum provides two levels of professional training designed to fit your roles and responsibilities within your organization.

Over the next year, MEMA will provide or facilitate access to each of these required classroom courses.
Please consider this program as in important step in your professional development and mastery of preparedness and emergency planning.  Any questions can be directed to

Government and Private Nonprofit Organizations May Be Eligible for Snow Disaster Aid

 The State of Maryland has received a Presidential Disaster Declaration for Public Assistance as a result of the snowstorm of February 12-13, 2014.  Baltimore, Carroll and Howard Counties have been declared as a result of this event.  Eligible applicants may apply for reimbursement of eligible costs.  Eligible applicants include State Government Agencies, Local Governments, and Private Nonprofit Organizations that own or operate facilities that provide certain services of a governmental nature (i.e., educational, emergency, medical, museums, zoos, libraries). There is a deadline of May 10, 2014 for applicants to submit their Request for Public Assistance. 
Attached are documents related to this declaration.

2014 National Capital Region (NCR) Model for Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency is proud to present the 2014 National Capital Region (NCR) Model for Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan. Disaster recovery planning is an integral part of ensuring that the needs of all of Maryland’s residents, visitors and communities are met after a disaster occurs.  Keeping with Maryland’s commitment to strengthen emergency preparedness statewide, the attached guidance and template provides a framework for the development a disaster recovery plans for use by emergency management planners in Maryland’s local jurisdictions.

 MEMA thanks the Disaster Recovery Working Group of the NCR Council of Government Emergency Managers Committee for the significant time and effort that went into producing such a quality document for use by its emergency management partners.


Emergency Declaration 49 CFR 390.23 and Extension of State Declarations Notice 49 CFR 390.23

FMCSA ESC MD Emergency Declaration

Governor Martin O’Malley Rescinds the Executive Order Declaring a State of Emergency

EO 01.01.2014.01 Snow

Governor Martin O’Malley Declares State of Emergency

Executive Order

Emergency Transportation Information

Please find below and attached some information related to emergency waivers for the upcoming winter weather event. Please read all information carefully as it does not apply to all industries.

The weigh and inspection facilities operated in the State of Maryland by the Maryland State Police and Maryland Transportation Authority Police will permit the by-passing of their facilities.  This privileged by-pass for in-state and out-of-state electric companies and their contractors is specifically in support for the positioning/deployment for the emergency restoration of electric power as a result of the impending storm. This by-pass privilege includes power companies moving into and through the State of Maryland and is effective 0001 hrs on Wednesday, February 12, 2014.

Regional Declarations East


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