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Feature Stories

DPP Field Office Spotlight: Cambridge

September 25, 2017
TOWSON, MD — Nestled at the base of the Cambridge Harbor — the picturesque town so many beachgoers bypass in their hurry — is a   ...Learn more

Public Safety lends a hand after Harvey

September 13, 2017
TOWSON, MD — Public Safety employees are dedicated to our communities, but we are also dedicated to helping wherever they can. Even if it means   ...Learn more

Parole and Probation feeds the community

July 25, 2017
L to R: Agent Supervisor Sabra Mastalski; Agent Lisa Thomas; Spokesman Mark VernarelliAgent Johnny Marmol (in black) Agent Sabrina MastalskiAgent Christopher Wiggins   ...Learn more

Public Safety veteran has a passion for young mothers

July 13, 2017
TOWSON, MD — As a veteran of many years at Public Safety helping crime victims through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Robyn Christian   ...Learn more

Baltimore Ravens recognize Public Safety officer

July 11, 2017
TOWSON, MD — Public Safety Employees do great things because they are dedicated to their careers, their coworkers, and their communities. Sometimes, however, the recognition   ...Learn more

Public Safety Volunteers: Aquanetta Anderson

July 7, 2017
TOWSON, MD — At Public Safety, one the goals we share with all state agencies is changing Maryland for the better. We do that by   ...Learn more

Former probationer credits “angel” agent for turning his life around

June 6, 2017
Pictured with Agent Wiggins (center): Field Supervisor Nadine Outlaw-Moore; Field Supervisor Renee Diggs; Agent Morgan Wiggins; Regional Administrator Walter Nolley; Field Supervisor Doug McClure;   ...Learn more

The CTX Team brings Department culture to a higher plane

June 5, 2017
Click to enlarge image TOWSON, MD — The Public Safety Commitment to Excellence (CTX) team descended on Towson last week to help Secretary Stephen Moyer recognize   ...Learn more

Annapolis Parole and Probation Agents, back to Elementary School

May 2, 2017
TOWSON, MD — Hats off to Agents LaShae Nicholson and Sandra Tomak from the Annapolis Parole and Probation Field Office. They visited Oaklands Elementary School   ...Learn more

38 Years and still going strong

April 27, 2017
As part of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we asked our Volunteer Activity Coordinators to tell us a bit about some of the volunteers working   ...Learn more