DPP Field Office Spotlight: Hagerstown
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DPP Field Office Spotlight: Hagerstown

Group shot View of Hagerstown

TOWSON, MD — With views of the mountains and a downtown filled with beautiful architecture, Hagerstown is a scenic spot just below Pennsylvania and a short drive north of West Virginia.

It’s one of the larger towns in Maryland outside of the D.C. and Baltimore areas, with a population close to 40,000, and it’s actually grown since the 1980s as more and more suburbanites have moved farther west to get more house and land for their money—even if the more than 60-mile commute down I-70 to Baltimore or D.C. is difficult.

The magnificently preserved Antietam Battlefield—scene of America’s bloodiest one-day battle— is just to the south. Also nearby are two mysterious Cold War-era sites: the “underground Pentagon” at Site R in Pennsylvania and Lamb’s Knoll on South Mountain in Maryland.

Like a lot of “prison towns,” Hagerstown has problems unique to places that house a large number of long-term offenders—in this case, close to 5,000 at the three-prison Division of Correction complex three miles south of the city. Some of those locally-sentenced inmates come back home to Hagerstown upon release, keeping the downtown Parole and Probation office very busy.

There, 14 agents, a Drinking Driver monitor, and much appreciated intake, clerical, and lab employees join the supervisors to keep things running and keep offenders compliant.

“Why do I love my co-workers?” asks Field Supervisor I Danielle Staley. ”That’s easy. They are like family. I spend as much time with them as I do with my family. We have grown to learn that we can have a difference of opinion and still respect one another. I love that my work family is an eclectic mix of personalities. They have taught me so much over the years and I have grown so much as a person because of them.”

The office frequently participates with law enforcement in special events, from victims’ rights marches to offender call-ins. And everywhere you look, there’s an employee who coaches his or her children’s sports team or is involved in animal rescue or local charitable endeavors.

Public Safety salutes the hard working staff of the Hagerstown Parole and Probation Field Office.