DPP Field Office Spotlight: Leonardtown in St. Mary’s County
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DPP Field Office Spotlight: Leonardtown in St. Mary’s County

Agents and sheriff Cameron

Sheriff Cameron, Linda Thomas and Agent Senior Amber Ewing

Leonardtown agents

Agent Senior Amber Ewing, Agent Senior Candice Hicks, Agent Senior Sherona Thompson, Agent II Amber Oliverio, Agent Senior Jason Dubard, Agent II Daniel Ross and Agent Senior Christine Diemer

TOWSON, MD — If it’s history you like, look no further than Southern Maryland, where the Ark and Dove came ashore from the motherland near four hundred years ago. The Leonardtown Parole and Probation staff loves to talk history. Just don’t ask about that handprint in the big rock outside the courthouse — particularly on Halloween week. But we digress…

The three Parole and Probation offices in Southern Maryland– known as “the Tri-County Offices”– are a real team, functioning in essence as one dedicated group to keep people compliant in Charles, St. Mary’s, and Calvert counties.

Today, we shine the spotlight on our hardworking team in Leonardtown, the seat of St. Mary’s County that goes all the way back to the 1630s.

Parole and Probation’s Leonardtown team of seven agents covers an astonishing 612 square miles of territory. Supervisor Kimberly S. Gregory and her gang are a tight knit group boasting strong working relationships with Sheriff Timothy Cameron, Juvenile Services, the Maryland State Police, the State
Board of Education, Recreation and Parks, and the Southern Maryland Task Force.

Agent Daniel Ross is a member of the Overdose Review Team. Agent Jason Dubard handles domestic violence cases, and was recently elected as Co-Chair of the Family Violence Coordinating Council– -the first time a Parole and Probation agent has served in such a critical role.

Agent Sherona Thompson is well-respected for her meticulous handling of sex offender cases. Agent Christine Diemer handles a mixed caseload that includes intensive supervision. Agents Candice Hicks, Amber Ewing, and Amber Oliverio handle the little-bit- of-everything general cases.

Now, about that rock with the handprint… Near the Leonardtown Field Office, outside the courthouse, sits a huge pillow-shaped rock. Legend has it that the “handprint” in the rock was made by Moll Dyer, a reputed witch who, upon being chased into the woods, froze to death, her hand resting on the rock. Is it true? Was there even a Moll Dyer?

Jail house

Mid-1800s​ jail house located next to Circuit Court in Leonardtown

We’ve asked the Leonardtown Field Office to open an investigation.

In the meantime, Public Safety salutes Leonardtown’s great staff and thanks them for all they do. We’ll meet Waldorf and Prince Frederick in later field office profiles.