DPP Field Office Spotlight: Elkton
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DPP Field Office Spotlight: Elkton

TOWSON, MD — At one time, Elkton was the wedding capital of the U.S. Today, the little city off Route 40 at the top of the Eastern Shore doesn’t hold that title any longer, but it does have a dedicated Parole and Probation team that keeps folks law-abiding and has a great relationship with law enforcement and partner agencies.

The Elkton Field Office has 10 agents, a Drinkin  g Driver monitor, an investigator, an intake reviewer, and a clerical worker. Supervisor Tyler Brown says it’s a great team. “The agents have a ‘What Works’ group where a speaker is invited monthly,” he says. “They also use this group to discuss office issues.”

As Interstate Compact agent Lindsay Jones can tell you, having not one but two states (Delaware and Pennsylvania) a stone’s throw away can make supervising offenders who need to travel back and forth extremely challenging.

“It is definitely tough with the number of (Interstate) cases,” says Supervisor Brown, “But Agent Jones does a great job keeping up. That takes the pressure off of the office as a whole in dealing with all the rules and regulations.”

Agents Jones, Sharonda Andrews, and Jenny Burris recently completed Crisis Intervention Training at the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office. Agents Kari Wiechel and Amber Butler have also been active in Justice Reinvestment Act training. The office held its first resource and services fair for offenders in the spring of 2017, and it was a huge success.

In addition to general supervision, Elkton has high-supervision, sex offender, domestic violence, Safe Streets, and Drug Court caseloads.

Now back to that wedding capital thing: In the early 20th century, Maryland had no waiting period for marriage licenses—unlike most other states on the East Coast. So couples flocked to what grew into more than 20 downtown Elkton wedding chapels for “quickie weddings.” In fact, in 1936 alone, an astonishing 11,791 couples tied the knot in Elkton.

The chapels are gone now and the weddings have subsided. But the workload for the Elkton Field Office of Parole and Probation hasn’t subsided, and for all they do, Public Safety says, “Hats off!” to our dedicated staff!