DPP field office spotlight: Gaithersburg
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DPP field office spotlight: Gaithersburg

TOWSON, MD — Many Marylanders may be surprised to hear that the largest population in the state is not in Baltimore or Prince George’s County, but in Montgomery County. About a million people now call Montgomery home. It’s such a large county — with so many people under supervision –that the Division of Parole and Probation has three offices: Silver Spring, in the southeast corner of the county; Rockville, the county seat; and Gaithersburg, which sits almost in the exact center of the county.

Tucked away inside an office park, 100 yards from the end of Runway 32 at the Montgomery Airpark, the Gaithersburg Field Office of Parole and Probation soldiers on, quietly but effectively. The dedicated staff maintains a proactive commitment to work with law enforcement and local corrections.

The goal: help turn lives around.

“This office is ready for the Justice Reinvestment Act,” boasts Field  Supervisor II Bill Sollod, a 30-year veteran. “Both Field Supervisors I Amy Bransford and Stella Mbadugha and the agent mentors have worked hard in providing field training for five new agents.” These new agents have helped to relieve a staffing shortage, and Sollod says their enthusiasm has been excellent.

Twenty-five miles south of Frederick and 12 miles north of the Capital Beltway, the Gaithersburg office includes 19 employees who handle domestic violence, sex offenders, and Drinking Driver Program cases, as well as general supervision. Drinking Driver monitors supervise more than 300 Ignition Interlock cases alone.

Gaithersburg agents conduct regular monthly orientations at the local jail and pre-release center; participate in weekly domestic violence ALERT meetings with law enforcement; and work closely with county police to manage sex offenders under COMET.

And Sollod says the office is working on developing a program that will allow inmates who’ve begun some re-entry services to continue those programs once they leave jail and come under the supervision of our agents.

Public Safety salutes the hard work and dedication of the 19 employees of the Gaithersburg Field Office.

We’ll meet the good folks in Silver Spring and Rockville in future Field Office profiles.Gaithersburg