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The CTX Team brings Department culture to a higher plane

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TOWSON, MD — The Public Safety Commitment to Excellence (CTX) team descended on Towson last week to help Secretary Stephen Moyer recognize some of our employees for unique skills they bring to the Public Safety team.

CTX also took the opportunity to thank those who have been helping *them* as they work toward their mission of elevating the Department’s culture.

Shown above are award-winners:

  • Charlotte Michelle Langston – CTX Sunshine Award
  • Richard Thompson – Secretary’s Service Excellence Salute
  • Holly Rowe – Secretary’s Service Excellence Salute
  • Kerri Smith – CTX Leadership Spirit Award
  • Rachel Sessa – CTX Leadership Excellence Award

CTX also took time to recognize the volunteers who have helped the team immensely:

1.      KeVon Young

2.      Kari Weichel

3.      Demetrius Page

4.      Christopher King

5.      Jennifer Miller

6.      Marsha Briley

7.      Blanche Chenault

8.      Rochelle Perry

9.      Tamara Pie

10.   Dale Maselli

11.   Samantha Barrett

12.   Tia Henry

13.   Lisa Wilson

14.   Walter Nolley

15.   KaeShawn Stewart

16.   Michael Cunningham

17.   Tiffany Taylor

18.   Ann Marie Mathurin

19.   Raymonda Matheka

20.   Stacy Holt

21.   David Loflan