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38 Years and still going strong

As part of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we asked our Volunteer Activity Coordinators to tell us a bit about some of the volunteers working in their facilities. Here’s what they had to say!


TOWSON, MD —  Patton Lam considers himself a country boy who loves to hunt and fish. But he’s a whole lot more to Public Safety.

For the past 38 years, Lam has been a Mount Hope Prison Ministry volunteer. He has held services at the Brockbridge Correctional Facility, the former Maryland Penitentiary, Patuxent Institution, the Maryland Correctional Institution, Women, and several Hagerstown facilities.

In 1978, Lam’s friends Butch Hedge and Harry Duvall were involved in prison ministry. One day Butch and Harry invited him to a Mount Hope Prison ministry meeting.  It was then and there that Lam made the decision to dedicate his life to providing spiritual guidance to inmates.

“Two months later, I preached my first message behind bars,” he said. “Butch, Harry, and I were together so much in the beginning that we were called the Three Amigos!  It seemed like Sunday after Sunday, I just kept going to prison and more doors opened up.”

Lam attends services with other volunteers and he fills in when there’s a need.

The rapport that Lam has with participants over the years has grown into a special relation for each. He knows and acknowledges the role and restriction of volunteer/inmate relationship, yet he remains passionate about the prison ministry and he loves the men and women who attend his church services over the years.

He has grown to see the staff he works with and men and women he ministers not just as inmates, but as family.

All of us at Brockbridge Correctional Facility appreciate the services Lam has provided for us over the years.