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A volunteer of our ohm: Kath Meadows

As part of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we asked our Volunteer Activity Coordinators to tell us a bit about some of the volunteers working in their facilities. Here’s what they had to say!

Kath Meadows center, with student (left) and volunteer instructor Donna) Querido (right)

TOWSON, MD — For 10 years, Kath Meadows help to bring peace and serenity to our institutions though her work with the Prison Yoga Project. Last year, under her instruction, Meadows offered the first yoga teacher certificate at the Maryland Correctional Institution, Women.

Thanks to Meadows and other volunteers with Prison Yoga Project, 16 women are now certified to teach yoga and at least two are using their certifications in the community.
As a volunteer, Meadows isn’t just making a change in our facilities, she is making a real difference in our communities. Thank you Kath for your dedication to Public Safety and the state of Maryland!